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"It was superb from start to finish." SL

Culture Viewfinder's unique pioneering focus on contemporary art, design architecture, cuisine and viticulture, "delivered a fun and delicious one-of-a-kind behind the scenes experience of Portugal". TL

"We found hidden gems every day – Esther introduced us to wonderful architecture, studios and restaurants that were just a little out-of-the-way or off the beaten path. Even well-known museums that I had visited previously took on new colour - our private guides were superlative." PB.

"It was so much more than I had imagined" KK.


Three not to be missed tour choices  in 2024!!

Creative Spirit 2024 (September 4-13),

Wine Architecture + Gastronomy 2024 optional tour extension (September 13-16), or the

NEW Textiles and Fine Craft in Portugal (September 17-26). 

For details of each tour including itineraries, terms and pricing view the individual tour descriptions listed under Discover Portugal

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